E.T.S. engineering transfer system s.r.l. (Cavaria - Varese - Italy) was founded in 1970 by the current president Adolfo Scaltritti and since then it has been developing techniques for transfer printing with various technologies and for different types of surfaces, such as: fabric, metal, plastic laminate, glass and ceramic.

E.T.S.’ chemical research and study center has developed and patented many technologies and ink for
sublimation and thermoplastic transfer printing suitable for use on different types of machinery such as: silk screen, offset, flexographic, rotogravure, plotter ink-jet piezo. Many years of activity and research in this sector have placed E.T.S. among the best companies in the world for the production of transfers and ink for transfers as well as hot presses for application of these. The vast and complete knowledge acquired over more than 30 years in this field have permitted E.T.S. to realise state-of-the-art products and technologies which have overcome previous limits, improving the quality while respecting the environment.

Our inks, presses and transfers are currently exported to 72 countries all over the world.


E.T.S. Engineering Transfer System s.r.l.

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